About Us

Our Vission

Ghannam for veterinary products is a unique company with a proud history and bright future.  We have ambitious plans for growth and expand locally and globally.

Our Mission

For four decades our mission was in cooperation with our partners to improve Animal healthcare and make a visible difference in animal health field by providing to our customer veterinary products as vaccines, medicines and feed additives from respective company with premium quality and excellent technical services


The success story of GHANNAM started in 1979 when Agri. Eng. MOUSTAFA GHANNAM decided to found GHANNAM Office for Veterinary Products as a family business with keen interest to help animal health market and started as a sole agent for many multinational-companies concerned with poultry vaccines and medications.

Honesty and integrity in both our words and actions are the main factors of building and keeping trust both with our suppliers and customers.

Throughout these years the company has grown as a sole agent for more and more companies.

In (2008), a technical support team was founded.

In (2010), a department for large animal products was founded.

In (2010), a key-account department was founded.

In (2010), a sister company “EL NOKHBA FOR ANIMAL HEALTH” was launched as a partnership with some employee from ghannam office.

In (2017), GHANNAM Corporate was launched involving 4 companies:

  • GHANNAM for vet. Products (GHANNAM Office for Vet. Products)
  • AL NOKHBA for animal health
  • GHANNAM group
About Founder

Agriculture Eng. Mostafa Ghannam is the honorary president, founder and spiritual father of Ghannam Company. The success story of this family business, run since 1979 by Agri. Eng. Mostafa Ghannam and his son Mr. Mahmoud Ghannam who both believe in the saying “Life is all the choices you make, and if your choice is based on profound interest, success is not a distant object”

He started his career in his early twenties with keen interest to help the Animal Health market.  He was the owner of license No. 1 in the sale and trading of veterinary medicines in Egypt. Within a few years of persistent efforts, he was able to present high quality products to the market through trustable suppliers.

Over four decades, he has gained extensive knowledge on Animal Health products and he is passionate about bringing the latest technologies to the market.

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