Fleet and Cold storage warehousing


Fleet and Cold storage warehousing


Our transportation fleet includes big cooling trucks and small cooling trucks covering 29 governorates and ensuring delivering our products in its best condition.


through four decades working in commercialization of vaccines and veterinary products

We learned that the secret of success is in perfecting the handling and storage of those sensitive products to temperature, so we work to handle and store in a continuous series steps that maintains the perfect temperature called the Tight Cold Chain

To support these needs a high-quality infrastructure of central refrigerated warehouses

two licensed in the Ministry of Health:

- 1st in the tenth of Ramadan and the storage capacity of 1080 cubic meters

- 2nd in The city of Cairo with a storage capacity of 2000 cubic meters

These stores were also supported by a map of the stores

Sub-branches throughout the Republic:

1- Cairo

2- The tenth of Ramadan

3- Banha

4- Tanta

5- Mansoura

6- Alexandria

7- Minya

8- Asyout

9- Luxor


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