TREI is a joint-stock company from1968, manufacture and controlled pharmacological active substances ensure the compliance with European GMP  rules, so it can continually guarantee the safety and high quality of products to clients.
TREI has been researching and testing pharmaceutical products and additives exclusively for animal use. Innovation has lead to the registration of technologies, brands and products which are remarkable for the special attention paid to safeguarding animal health and the respect dedicated both to the environment and their users.
TREI has always shown a great interest in scientific research and development which led to the discovery of a specific and original drug delivery system named Dry Protection System ( DPS )which use to protect the active principles from the degradation in the rumen and to allow their complete release at the abomasal level, with a remarkable increase of biological activity; this effect is called BYPASS.
TREI has The Trade Mark Biopass® characterizes all the micronutrients protected with the DPS technology ,thus protect all liposoluble vitamins products in the rumen and the abomasum, then release them into the duodenum according to pH variations characteristic of the digestive apparatus of the ruminant.
TREI’s products are actually sold in Italy, in Egypt, in Morocco, in Jordan, in France, in Spain, in Hungary, in Poland, in Rumania, in Czech Republic, in Slovakia, in Taiwan, in Thailand
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